Generation Why?

Born between the advent of the Walkman and the founding of Google, the ‘Millenials’ (or ‘Generation Y’) will account for 75% of the workforce by 2025. They will be the powerhouse of business in the next decade - and they are very aware of it.

Savvy, mobile and demanding, they are prepared to hold out for the right opportunity.

They see the office as somewhere they invest into emotionally – as much a social hub as a workplace. More relaxed than their predecessors, but no less driven, they want offices that are individual, collegial and inspirational.

In order to harness the best of this talent pool, companies are looking very closely at the type of workspace they provide.

Future-proofing in business has become as much about people as it is about technology.

Vox Populi

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27, Software Engineer

Where & Why?
I like the independent coffee houses here in Reading. They’re much better than even in some bigger cities. The Shed is a hidden gem down a little alley. It serves great coffee – you can tell I am a coffee fiend!

Milk Reading, 8 Merchants Place, Reading, RG1 1DT

27, Barista

Where & Why?
Reading has a growing independent thing that feels exciting and full of opportunities. But is it Art is one of my favourite shops. It’s a fantastic, daydream, browsing sort of place.

But is it Art,
7-9 Queen Victoria Street, Reading, RG1 1SY

23, Mobile App Developer

Where & Why?
Reading is a great place for music. The live music scene in the bars and clubs is also very strong, you don’t need to go out of Reading to see good bands – the Oakford Social is where it’s at.

Oakford Social Club, 53 Blagrave Street, Reading, RG1 1PZ

24, Event Manager

Where & Why?
My favorite spot right now is a new wine bar called The Valpy right opposite where I work - great food, booze and ambience right on our doorstep. The owner knows we work close and looks after us as locals.

Valpy Street Bar & BIstro 17 - 19 Valpy Street, Reading, RG1 1AR

26, Recruitment

Where & Why?
There are decent shops and night life here, but mostly I like the people. There’s all sorts and everyone is really friendly. I come to 58 Barbershop every two weeks for a cut, groom and general catch up!

58 Barbershop, 58 King’s Road, Reading, RG1 3AA

20, Hairdresser

Where & Why?
I’m a vinyl junkie and Just Imagination really is an amazing place for finding rare 12”s. It really is one of a kind shop in this day and age. They carry some pretty decent comics too. It gets a very big tick from me.

14 Harris Arcade, Reading RG1 1DN